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Meet Natasha


Rapid Transformational Therapy® Expertise 

Natasha was drawn to this internationally recognised method for its remarkable effectiveness in addressing core issues from the very first session.


Rapid Transformational Therapy is not just a therapy, it is your path of profound change. 


Imagine a life where you break free from your limiting beliefs, where transformation happens rapidly and where your mind becomes a source of strength.


In a focused and tailored session, Natasha delve into your subconscious, identifying and rewiring the root causes of challenges – all within a safe environment which you control and where you will feel confident, trusted and supported. 

Creating Trust and Safe Spaces

At the heart of Natasha’s practice is the creation of a safe, trusting environment.


She excels in creating spaces where individuals feel supported and free to express themselves without fear of judgment.


This foundation of trust is essential for effective healing and personal growth.

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A Journey of Service and Expertise

Her commitment to holistic wellness field began with her devotion to an authentic Yoga tradition, a journey that has seen her share its profound teachings and techniques with a diverse audience.


A founding member of the Yoga in Daily Life UK charity, she has been a volunteer Yoga teacher since 2001 and continues to teach there today.

Global Insights and Holistic Approaches

Her quest for knowledge led her to India, where she immersed herself in the ancient therapeutic art of Ayurvedic Medicine and ultimately received a BA (Hons) in the field.


She had the honour to work with the great Ayurvedic Consultants and also be a part of the Ayurvedic Hospital in London which gave her a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. 

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