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Citrine: manifestation - willpower - creativity

Carnelian: good luck - courage - vitality - sexuality - confidence - action - new path

Sunstone: leadership - willpower - creativity - sexuality - vital energy


No of beads: 108 + Guru Bead (Citrine)

Length: 23 inches including 4-inch tassel


6mm beads

8mm beads


108 Sacral Power Mala

  • This beautiful and powerful mala will enhance your healing, abundance, and creativity of the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakra. Citrine, Carnelian, and Sunstone will warm your soul and bring you good luck. 


    Carnelian will assist in taking action towards achieving one’s higher dreams and goals. It supports vitality and promotes the free flow of energy, helping on the path of change and transformation. 

    Carnelian works most effectively on the Sacral Chakra, helping one relate to the higher sense of Self, as well as the Solar Plexus, helping to connect one with the full grasp of the five senses to enhance sexuality, reproduction, self gratification and creativity.  Carnelian helps protect from negative energy and helps when one is struggling to make a decision.  It is an excellent tool for those who procrastinate and are struggle to make a decision.Great stabilising stone.



    Sunny Citrine is one of the only gemstones that dispels and dissipates all negative energy, yet never requires cleansing or clearing. Emitting a warm energy that promotes joy and optimism, it attracts abundance as well, warding off depression, stress and general unhappiness. 

    Citrine has been commonly known by the names “Success Stone”, “Abundance Stone”, and “Merchants Stone”, renowned in lore for promoting success and abundance specifically in the areas of business and commerce.

    Citrine’s radiant yellow and gold colouring activates, opens and energises to heal and balance the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as the Navel Chakra.  It increases creativity, intellectual decisiveness and personal power, strengthening the physical body, promoting self esteem and protecting the aura.

    Citrine works synergistically with many stones and so will magnify the effects of the crystals it is combined with. It reminds us that we are always supported by the universe in all our actions.



     Believed to be a piece of the sun, sunstone was prized by ancient magicians, who used it to attract the strength of the sun and its associated power and wealth.  Sunstone has a very positive effect on one’s psyche, promoting joy, cheerfulness and reflecting the qualities of Solar Light: openness, strength and the ability to bestow blessings  upon others. It may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting.

    It offers self confidence and helps the wearer to discover their true nature and live accordingly. 

    Keep Sunstone at all times if one has difficulty saying “no” to people and exhibits the tendency to continually make sacrifices for others to one’s own detriment.  Sunstone energises the Solar Plexus and Navel chakras, stimulating, willpower, leadership, sexuality and creativity

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