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Grey Moonstone: mystery - intuition - self-discovery  

Rudraksha: protection - healing - consciousness


No of beads: 108 beads + Guru bead

Length: 23 Inch including tassel


8mm beads

Grey Moonstone Mala

  • Wear our Beautiful Grey Moonstone Mala. All possibilities exist in its potential. 


    Strongly connected to the moon and to intuition it is of course a women’s stone. Like the moon waxes and wanes through a natural cycle, as do we.

    Vibrating with the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon, Moonstone has reflective, calming energy. It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception. Moonstone will bring balance, harmony, and stabilising our emotions, so we will feel calm. Used by Shamans and Healers it will carry seeds of new potentials of a New Moon.

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