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Labrodorite: protection - magic - higher awareness  

Clear Quartz: harmony - purity, infinitive possibilities - enhances the healing properties of other gemstones 


No of Beads: 108 Beads + Guru Bead Clear Quartz

Length: 23 inches 


Lotus Charm


8 mm beads

Labradorite Mala

  • For all healers and Light Workers to call upon higher awareness and to work towards the Divine Purpose.


    A stone of change, Labradorite is a valuable partner through change, bestowing strength and tirelessness. Used by healers to protect their aura and strengthen their healing ability. Wonderful aid for mental and spiritual abilities and self-discovery. The protective stone used in rituals and lightworkers to bring us all towards magical higher awareness. 



    A favoured stone of seers and healers throughout the ages as a stone of Light. The most powerful crystal and one of the infinite possibilities. Protective stone is worn by Yogis and great Masters. Powerful crystal for healing, clearing, and cleansing that can be easily programmed so our prayers and wishes will be stored and transmitted to the world. Clear Quartz can amplify energies that come into contact with. 

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