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Rudraksha: protection - healing - consciousness

Freshwater Pearl: purity - innocence - calming reflection


No of beads: 108 + Guru Bead Freshwater pearl

Length: 6mm 19 inches

23 inches 8mm 


6mm beads

8mm beads

Chandra Mala

  • This beautiful feminine Mala is a combination of freshwater Pearls and Rudraksha beads. Like a moon’s changing faces our life is going through different changes. For all beautiful and divine goddesses to balance their emotions. 


    Rudraksha is the dried seeds of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus tree and also known as “Tears of Shiva” The word Rudraksha comes from "Rudra" (name of Shiva) and "Aksha" meaning tears. Rudraksha is a great support in maintaining physical and mental balance and enhancing spiritual growth. They create tremendous positive energetic changes in body, mind, and soul. Rudraksha beads have strong electromagnetic properties and it is therefore very beneficial for the body to wear a rudraksha mala.

    On each Rudraksha seed, there are vertical lines running down around the circumference. These are called Mukhi or “faces’ and Rudraksha are classified according to the number. Seeds with one vertical line are called one Mukhi Rudraksha, those with two lines are two Mukhi, and so on. The number of faces a bead can have varies from a single face up to 21 faces.  Rudraksha seeds have different qualities depending on the number of faces.

    Five Mukhi Rudraksha are used in our malas and can be worn by everyone (this is not the case for some other mukhis). They bring calmness and general well-being, as well as being powerful protection against all sorts of negative energies and negative influences.  These seeds which were worn by the Gods, Yogis, and Rishis since times immemorial on their path to Enlightenment and Liberation will also be a great blessing in your life.

    Rudraksha seeds absorb all positive energies and then magnify them over time. They are excellent for using in meditation while repeating mantras.



    Feminine and beautiful pearls are associated with the Moon God and it is believed they amplify the wearer’s energy. They will help in neutralizing negative planetary influences and promote harmony in life.

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