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Sandalwood: calming - soothing - cooling


No of beads: 108 + Guru Bead

Length: 19 inches


6mm beads 

Sandalwood Mala

  • Deepen your earth connection with the soothing, fragrant, and grounding Sandalwood Mala. Sandalwood beads help to bring waves of serenity while anchoring you to Mother Earth. 


    The mysterious force of sacred Sandalwood with its warm relieving fragrance remains on top among the most sacred beads found in India. Bringing it into meditation practices encourages the heart to open up for love. It can stimulate sensuality, raise the sense of awareness, invoke tranquility. It will reduce stress and promote deep relaxation within the inner being.

    Sandalwood will help us in controlling anger and aggression and open us to more empathy and compassion. It will help us clear our sadness and stress and bring more restful sleep. Most of all it will help in the materialisation of our prayers and spiritual awakening.

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