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Rose Quartz: unconditional love - forgiveness - emotional healing - uniting with the divine

Hematite: grounding - protection - stability - focus - higher mind

Smoky Quartz: new beginnings - protection - intuition - calms fears

Sunstone   leadership - will - creativity - sexuality - vital energy

Amethyst: protection - purification - divine connection, master healer


No of beads: 108 + Guru Bead Amethyst

Length: 23 inches including 4-inch tassel


6mm beads

8mm beads

Shakti Devi Mala

  • Deepen your connection to the divine feminine within with our powerful Shakti Devi Mala. Rose quartz, hematite, smokey quartz, sunstone and amethyst help you ground and strengthen your divine feminine energy. 


     Believed to be a piece of the sun, sunstone was prized by ancient magicians, who used it to attract the strength of the sun and its associated power and wealth.  Sunstone has a very positive effect on one’s psyche, promoting joy, cheerfulness and reflecting the qualities of Solar Light: openness, strength and the ability to bestow blessings upon others. It may provide the necessary stamina and energy to undertake projects and tasks that one may find daunting.

    It offers self-confidence and helps the wearer to discover their true nature and live accordingly. 

    Keep Sunstone at all times if one has difficulty saying “no” to people and exhibits the tendency to continually make sacrifices for others to one’s own detriment.  Sunstone energises the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, stimulating, willpower, leadership, sexuality and creativity.



    Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love. Wonderful healing stone for our heart that will help us to forgive others and ourselves. You will experience how it transmutes emotional negativity at all levels. It harmonises and balances energy fluctuations and so is a wonderful tool for meditation. Rose Quartz embodies the expression "Love conquers all”; it is excellent for calming the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras after situations involving emotional upheaval, chaos, trauma, or crisis, opens the heart and teaches tenderness. Rose Quartz allows love to come to the wearer who struggles to love themselves and/or others.



    Hematite is a most grounding and protective stone; strengthening our connection with Mother Earth it makes us feel safe and secure, endowing us with courage, strength, endurance and vitality.  A "stone for the mind", Hematite is a valuable aid to strengthen focus and concentration.

    It also dissolves negativity and prevents the wearer from absorbing the negativity of others.  Hematite restores strengthen and give stability. Keeping this crystal near electronic equipment acts as a balancer for EMR protection.



    Amethyst brings profound change to one’s life. It is a wonderful healing crystal. It will bring peace and harmony to our home. It is a stone of spirituality and contentment, assisting in the process of identifying the root cause of certain behaviours, habits and emotional patterns. It is a wonderful tool in meditation, helping stills one’s thoughts and move into higher states of consciousness. It is a recommended stone for all healers and lightworkers and is used for psychic opening and intuitive work.



    The healing properties of Smoky Quartz are very strong. It is also known as an emotional balancer and it transmutes and clears all negative energies.  This crystal is an exceptional stabiliser for those who experience mood swings, grounds all kinds of negative energy and removes emotional blockages.   It is an excellent crystal to use in times of stress, and to rebuild emotional burnout by offering protection during the healing period. Smoky Quartz reduces the fear of failure and unblocks self-limitations, so that one may risk trying new experiences which were previously avoided.  It is a protective crystal which can also bring back a sense of joy in living, and is thought to promote business success. It is a wonderful protective and grounding stone.

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